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The School-To-Success At-Home Life & Career Guidance System

"Life and Career Guidance for Family Success!"

VISION: A world where people are living their dreams serving others and making the world better! (Proverbs 29:18)

MISSION: Helping families get the most benefits from their education . . . bridging the education gap between generations! (psalm 78)

SPECIALIZATION: We specialize in integrating career exploration, career guidance, and career coaching services into existing programs, and activities at home, in schools and in the community

Our mission is accomplished through partnerships with parents, school administrators, counselors, teachers, individuals, churches, community organizations, government entities, programs, activities, and businesses. This School-To-Success concept works with and builds upon existing resources and good things that are already being done in the community. Youth and adults are taught how to connect the dots in life , work, careers, worship, experiences, and all activities.

Career guidance is an untapped area of education that should start with family planning, but not later than middle school. We address this untapped area of education by (1) educating parents, guardians, and others in the community about this key component of education  (2) providing “FREE” career guidance assessments seminars as a vehicle to provide this education (3) teaching parents, guardians, and others how to use the assessments (4) offering affordable half day training, full day training, two day training, three day training, four day training and/or a semester course in career guidance. Life coaching specializing in career exploration, career guidance, and career coaching with multiple approaches is integrated with existing services, activities, and programs offered onsite, in schools and in the community. Our curriculum guide is “Planning Today for Success Tomorrow”

We teach/train college students and adults how to choose their college or trade school major and career . . . taking education from the classroom to the real world doing work that make them happy while serving others!

Services: Life and Work Planning, The School-To-Success Academy Course, Career Guidance, Career Coaching,  Leadership Development Program, Research: community, career & educational issues, Creative Goal Setting,  Consulting, Train-the Trainer, and Career Education seminars/workshops

You can reach your full potential with our training methods!

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: We help families with K-8 and other students discover their purposes in life, set clear goals and create plans to take their personal and professional life to a higher level in all areas with emphasis on service, leadership and entrepreneurship. We conduct "Train-the-Trainer" workshops for teachers, coaches, seminar leaders, counselors and others interested in delivering the School-To-Success Program to youth and adults in the K-12 educational environment. We provide financial support for Bethel LA Community Development Corporation, Freedom School, and the School-To-Success Total Education Collaboration Network. We work directly with adults, educators, and executives to bridge the gap between the education received in school and the needs of employers in the workplace. We conduct research in the areas of life purpose, leadership, management, entrepreneurship and success. We educate, motivate and inspire people to be the best that they can be doing work that make them happy and fulfilled. We change lives with work that make people happy. The mailing address for McCutcheon Research is P.O. Box 47945, Los Angeles, California 90047.



NOTE: For additional training options for youth and adults,

go to www.schooltosuccess.org  

"Education and Career Success Coaching at its Best”

“It’s the Right Education, Right Job, Right Career & Right Work That Make Your Life Work”

“Changing Lives With Work That Make You Happy and Fulfilled”


  1. Implement the School-To-Success life and career guidance program in the home, at private schools, charter schools, public schools, faith based organizations, and nonprofit organizations.   Target audience: K -8 students with their families.
  1. Train teachers, counselors, seminar leaders, and coaches to integrate and deliver the School-To-Success Curriculum.
  1. Provide financial support for Bethel LA Community Development Corporation, Freedom School  and the School-To-Success Total Education Collaboration Network.
  1. Work with educators and executives to bridge the gap between the education in schools and the needs of employers in the workplace.
  1. Provide income opportunities in career education for teachers, counselors, seminar leaders, and coaches. 

  2. Provide ongoing training, coaching and support for  School-To-Success teachers, counselors, seminar leaders, and coaches.


PARENTS, COUNSELORS, TEACHERS: Use This Unique Education and Career Planning Guide for YOUR Middle and High School Students. SET-UP YOUR OWN SCHOOL-TO-SUCCESS PROGRAM IN YOUR HOME, IN SCHOOL, OR IN YOUR ORGANIZATION . . . CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT! STUDENTS: What Will You Do After High School and later in YOUR Life? If you don’t know, this book can help! This life and career guide teaches students how to decide what they really want! Knowing what you want is the first principle of success!

STUDENTS: Turn Your Life Purpose, Your Desires, Interests, Talents, Passions, and Special Abilities into a Career! RESEARCH FACTS: More than 50% of all high school seniors don’t know what they want to be or do after graduation. An effective career-development program enables students to plan for future success. Career-development training saves time and money. The earlier career development training begins the better. Career planning should start with family planning. Planning Today for Success Tomorrow was written to help parents and schools with middle and high school students make the transition from school to a successful life.

Moses McCutcheon, Jr., Ed.D. has received many awards for his School-To-Success work. With a Doctor  of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and more than 25 years of experience as an educator, trainer, and personnel-management analyst, Dr. McCutcheon is a Certified Life and Career Guidance Coach/Consultant and Certified Motivational Seminar Leader. PLANNING TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW was written for parents and others to help students to plan for a successful life.

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